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Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

One of the MOST IMPORTANT features that Silverton Web Works offers is Search Engine Optimization. We work hard optimizing your site for your keywords so that your site will rank well on the most popular Search Engines.

We also offer Newsletters, E-commerce sites, and Graphic Design.

Our Web Statistics program allows us to actually see which Search Engines your visitors used to find you, the links they clicked to find your site, the number of pages they visited, and which pages were viewed.

Domain Names:

Domain name registration is under $20 per year. To make this process easy and simple for you, we like to register your domain name for you. You will be the legal and registered owner of any domain name that we register for you.

Under $20 annually

Website Hosting:

We use a very fast connection with backup switch-over, in case one fails so there is no downtime, and common points of information exchange on the Internet Highway for better service. The Servers we provide for our Clients are Dual Xeon with 4 GB of RAM or better. Data Centers are fully staffed and Servers monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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$130 to $150 per year

Website Design & Development:

A Website that will be a pleasure to visit requires considerable hours refining graphics and layout. A site might be 1 to 20 (or more) linked pages with a minimal number of elements that truly does the effort justice. We generally try to perform all work by contract. The intention is to predetermine a fee that will render a quantity and quality of work. We require a 50% deposit, with the remaining half due upon completion.

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Photo Editing, Restoration:

As time passes, photos fade, scratch, get bent or damaged in several ways. Bring us your old photos and let us rejuvenate and restore them to their orignal condition (and sometimes even better than original). With today's technology, we can give restore your photos that you thought were lost forever.

$45 per hour.

Graphics Design:

We build custom Graphics with state-of-the-art software utilizing Adobe Photoshop CS6, Adobe Lightroom, NIK Software, Topaz Labs Software, Eye Candy, Paint Shop Pro, and MORE!

Graphics rate $45 hr (minimum 1 hr)

Website Maintenance:

Updating your pages can be as little as $25 per page...
(changes that can be made in less than 15 minutes are FREE).

From $25 ....

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